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How to treat COVID-19 in 48 hours – scheme

Currently, many physicians in Poland treat their friends, relatives and even patients according to my schemata with much success in terms of both the Primary Healthcare System treatment and hospital treatment. The physicians applying it can be counted in hundreds, whereas the patients treated,in thousands. I receive a lot of news on the subject from both Poland and abroad.

Unfortunately, the medical circle is being intimidated so much (judging by what is happening to me) that physicians are afraid to speak on the matter officially. The truth, though, is that the drug has been sold out of pharmacies. And it is per prescription! And who prescribes medication in Poland? Physicians do! My appeal has already reached millions of people and it cannot be rebutted now.

I wonder how my method of treatment, involving the use of amantadine, can still be negated, and, even more so, how it can be said to be unsuccessful. I wonder why no professors, or consultants make a stand on the treatment since negation does not stick. I will give you only one example and I leave it to you to judge it yourselves. 

– Doctor Bodnar from Przemyśl claims that the antibodies against flu are similar to the antibodies against COVID-19, based on which you can conclude that the mechanism of contracting the infection is similar. Let’s assume he is right, although, in my opinion, he is not. Even if he were right, the problem would still be, what has been known for years, that amantadine is not too good a flu drug. The use of amantadine has thus been discarded, and it is not recommended. – one professor has expressed this opinion about amantadine in recent days.

It is so that new discoveries seem improbable at first. A scientist is a person seeking answers, applying methods which allow proving those answers true.

If anyone keeps slandering or intimidating me, then, in my opinion, they act against humanity, excusing themselves only with procedures which contradicts every doctor’s vocation. Apparently, no one cares. Should people die then? This is horrific and non-ethical! Shame! Someone should take responsibility for this. For the people who could have been rescued. Yesterday, 445 people died in Poland. Who will take the blame?

In relation to the news that eventually the Supreme Screener for Professional Liability did not motion the disciplinary measures, I once again publish my treatment schemata, complemented with cases which I have seen, and side effects that should be paid attention to  of the complications associated with COVID-19. THIS SCHEME IS ADDRESSED TO THE MEN OF SCIENCE AND PHYSICIANS ONLY! EVERY PATIENT MUST ALWAYS BE UNDER DOCTOR’S SUPERVISION WHEN IN THE PROCESS OF TREATMENT!

COVID-19 Treatment Scheme

Per the request of many physicians and due to the tragic epidemic situation in both Poland and around the world, I once again provide my method of treatment. I hereby reserve that I provide the said scheme based on what I have seen and my own personal experience. The scheme can always be analyzed and changed, based on one’s own experience. PLEASE NOTE that I am the author of this scheme. This is my project, I created it, analyzed it and developed it myself.


Constant Interaction with the Patient

The basic principle of mine when undertaking to treat a patient suffering from COVID-19 is that the physician must be in constant contact with the patient, and the patient must give the physician a daily report about their health. I do not take any other scenario of treatment into account. COVID-19 is a very unpredictable and dangerous disease, which also happens to be lethal. Under no circumstances can the patient begin or discontinue treatment by themselves, doing so without consulting it with the physician.

The Sooner, the Better

The sooner the treatment is administered, the better because this way we cut down on the time of the negative impact of the virus on the body, and alleviate the aftermath complications. If we suffer from the specific symptoms, we can suspect the COVID-19 infection with a high rate of probability. My opinion is that the treatment involving the use of amantadine hydrochloride should be implemented without waiting for the test results. The test is to be taken regardless of the treatment. If the test result is positive and the patient suffers from the symptoms, the treatment is to be implemented immediately.

Exclusion from Treatment

Strictly excluded from the treatment involving the use of amantadine are patients suffering from severe arrhythmia, kidney failure or mental illnesses.

Variants of Amantadine Hydrochloride Dosages

Variant 1

Below is a typical amantadine dosage variant:

  • 0 hours from contraction – two doses (200 mg)
  • subsequent doses administered every 6 hours, administered for 48 to 72 hours, depending on the patient’s condition.
  • Then maintenance Treatment, 2 x 100 mg a day, up to 14 days in total. Details in the section below.

There is no need to administer big doses for a long period of time.

Variant 2 – Elderly People Suffering from Lowered Metabolic Rate and below 40 years old

Based on in-depth analyses and observations, younger people are more likely to report excessive agitation or arrhythmias. This is due to increased responsiveness of the sympathetic and parasympathetic systems, including the vagus nerve. Therefore, I recommend using the second option up to around 40 years of age. These smaller doses in these people will be more than enough as the immune and immune performance is quite high.

Additionally, when the metabolism is slower (usually 70+ years), we give:

  • Zero hour – two doses (200 mg)
  • Then 100 mg every 8 hours for 2-3 days.
  • Then we reduce according to the schedule for maintenance treatment, 2 x 100 mg a day, up to 14 days in total. Details in the section below.

Variant 3 – Patient over 75-Year-of-Age

Including Symptom-Free, but with a Positive Test Result as prophylaxis. Recommended amantadine treatment 2×1 – 100 mg – for 14 days.

Maintenance Treatment

Maintenance dose treatment should last for quite a long period of time. There is no golden mean, and the dose may need to be changed on a case-to-case basis. The maintenance treatment usually takes from 7 to 8 days, but sometimes even from 10 to 14 days, depending on how long the disease has been taking and on when amantadine was incorporated as part of the treatment.

In Case of No Clear Health Improvement

If the patient exhibits no spectacular health improvement after 48 hours and there is yet no stabilization, it can be suspected that the patient is already suffering from some complications, such as pneumonia, for example. Such a patient must be examined and absolutely auscultated. Lesions detectable through auscultation require antibiotic therapy, best be it administration of two antibiotics together, be it intramuscularly or intravenously. Steroidal, corticosteroids drugs, and low-molecular-weight heparin (LMWH) are administered based on the clinical condition and pneumonia progression. Any interstitial lesions visible thanks to the sectional roentgenography scanning should regress after the treatment involving the use of amantadine.

COVID-19 Specificity and Symptomatic Treatment

In most cases, in the first stage of COVID-19 the majority of lesions occur in the lower-right side of the lungs. Just like other diseases, this disease, too, is treated symptomatically to the full extent. All the drugs are administered depending on the symptoms. I always emphasize that amantadine is not administered as a substitute for anything else. The symptomatic treatment is not to be discontinued, as amantadine is an additional drug, which impacts the virus, which is the pathogen, itself directly, inhibiting its development.

Side Effects

Notice! Bear in mind that an onset of early arrhythmia requires the treatment with the use of amantadine to be discontinued. From my own experience I can tell that the number of cases in which there is an onset of arrhythmia ranges from 1 to 2 out of 100 cases.

Side Effects which Do Not Impact the Treatment

  • In the majority of cases patients feel dryness in the oral cavity, which in no way constitutes a contraindication to the treatment. When administering amantadine hydrochloride, we recommend giving large quantities of liquids to drink, from 3 to 4 liters, at least at the first stage of intense treatment.
  • Approximately 10% of patients may experience mild anxiety, periodical agitation or a sleep disorder in 3-5 days from the implementation of the treatment.
  • In case of a sleep disorder, it is recommended to administer a sleeping drug – that should be perfectly sufficient. The patient’s body rests in sleep, fully recovering at the time. The symptoms subside, or they definitely do not get more intense at least.

Administration of Other Drugs

Under no circumstances do we discontinue administering patients with drugs they take to treat whatever chronic diseases they are suffering from. In case of administering strong diuretic drugs, changing the treatment scheme or resigning from the treatment with the use of amantadine needs to be considered.

Disease Specificity – Circulatory Failure

At the breaking point of the disease, meaning on day 3rd/4th from the beginning of the disease, many patients experience a decline in the blood pressure and a mild, transient cardiocirculatory failure. Such patients do not suffer from a fever, and the symptoms of the disease begin to subside. At the same time, the patients exhibit a lesser tolerance of physical effort, ambulation itself included. We call it the rebound time, which takes from 24 to 48 maximum.

Recommendations for Patients After the Disease

Many patients who have already been through COVID-19 experience a partial circulatory failure. Such patients can function as usual, but in case of a longer and more strenuous physical effort they may experience symptoms of a cardiac failure. In cases like these, recommended is from 3 to 4 weeks of recovery and a contingent cardiological consultation.

Other Notes 

Note! Too long exposure to sunlight over the course of the COVID-19 symptoms may result in a dramatic deterioration of the patient’s condition in just a few hours. 

Peculiar Remarks

The patient can neither undertake or discontinue the treatment on their own. Amantadine is a prescription drug, solely. I appeal to the physicians not to make up the prescriptions if they are not going to treat the disease. If a prescription is just in case, a risk arises that in a critical situation, having no aid from anyone, the patient will begin treatment by themselves. Treatment without physician’s supervision can be extremely dangerous.

One should bear in mind that the sooner the treatment of COVID-19 is undertaken, the better! This way the patient does not suffer any complications, or the complications are very inconsiderable. If the symptoms of the disease indicate that the said disease is COVID-19, we intervene immediately, without waiting for the test results, because currently they are available as late as after several days and patients may already develop many complications. The test is to be taken regardless of the treatment.

Current Treatment Method

Administering antibiotics only is not effective in treating the disease. The hitherto treatment implemented around the world is not a causal treatment, but a symptomatic treatment. There is no other drug which would treat COVID-19 as spectacularly. Amantadine hydrochloride is a groundbreaking change in the matter, as so far it is the only drug which directly inhibits the development of the virus and its impact on the body.

I get a lot of curious questions about oxygen saturation. I agree that measuring oxygen saturation is helpful in some ways and can reflect the severity of the disease. At the same time, the constant measurements of the level by the patient and the periodic fluctuations increase fear and anxiety in many, which is not good for the patient’s psyche and can in part be important for the effectiveness of the treatment. Keep in mind that if the disease progresses quite severely, we are dealing with circulatory insufficiency. Even a small amount of exertion, e.g., going to the toilet, leads to a clear short-term decrease in saturation – which does not indicate any deterioration in the condition. It causes temporary fluctuations that are out of proportion to the state of health.

As far as we have a suspicion that the virus can still be active, amantadine can be incorporated into the treatment at every stage of the disease e.g.: on the 10th, 14th or even later day of the disease (how far the science is still to determine in the future). Late administration of amantadine will not save the patient’s health, but it may save their life.


Invitation – free training for medical doctors regarding COVID-19 treatment

As a diagnostic and research center, we invite more doctors who would like to undergo several days of training and practice in examining and treating outpatients infected with SARS-CoV-2 and more. The training includes, among others, practice in:

  • auscultation of the lungs,
  • diagnostics, and the use of an appropriate treatment regimen for patients with COVID-19,
  • post-COVID syndromes, including amantadine and symptomatic medications,
  • and more.

We provide accommodation and full board, absolutely free. If you are interested, please get in touch with us directly at media@przychodnia-przemysl.pl

And patients are encouraged to share so that this message reaches the widest possible audience!

Background of the method:

Testimonies of the Patients Treated (in Polish): TRANSLATED BY GOOGLE TRANSLATE

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Włodzimierz Bodnar, Specialist in lung diseases, Paediatrician at NZOZ Optima in Przemyśl, Poland


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