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        ul. Św. Jana 32     16 677 00 79       Pn - Pt: 08:00 - 18:00

Specialist consultations/Price list

As part of the activities of our clinic, you can have paid consultations with many specialists in various fields of medicine. To make an appointment for a consultation at our clinic, please contact the registration in advance. For English, please write an email to media@przychodnia-przemysl.pl to get assistance.

Payments are made immediately before the visit. In addition to standard tests, e.g. We also perform ECG and spirometry. Prices may change without further notice.

Comprehensive gynaecological consultation (transvaginal ultrasound and cytology)280
Gynaecological consultation150
Breast ultrasound120 – 150
Pulmonology consultation200
Neurological consultation150
Carotid ultrasound – when required during the visit120
Gastroenterologist consultation180
Helicobacter pylori test60
Cardiology consultation150
ECHO of the heart – for consultation100
ECHO of the heart without consultation130
ECG at rest30
Exercise test on the treadmill150
Holter ECG150
X-ray description25
CT/MR result description110
Ultrasound – Doppler of the carotid arteries120
Ultrasound – Evaluation of the renal arteries120
Ultrasound – Doppler of the veins of one limb140
Ultrasound – Doppler of the veins of both limbs170
Ultrasound – Doppler of veins and arteries of one limb170
Ultrasound – Doppler of veins and arteries of two limbs270
Ultrasound – muscles and tendons150
Ultrasound – wrist/hand150
Ultrasound – Shoulder, hip, knee, elbow, ankle150
Ultrasound – foot150
Mammary gland ultrasound150
Ultrasound – transfontanella150
Ultrasound – thyroid gland, salivary gland, neck150
Ultrasound – abdominal cavity120 – 150
Ultrasound – scrotum (testes, epididymis)150
Ultrasound – assessment of the lymph nodes of the neck, abdomen, groin, armpits – 1 region150
Ultrasound – assessment of all lymph nodes200
Spirometry with a description of a pulmonologist80
SARS-CoV-2 antigen test and certificate100
Bexsero vaccination with the qualification490
Varilrix vaccination with the qualificationunavailable
Gardasil 9 vaccination with the qualification690
Pentaxim, vaccination 5 in 1250
Vaccination against tick-borne encephalitis (TBE)270

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